• April Mcintosh *****

The support and understanding to our family has been amazing. Like to say also (which i find very important to me) theres great support for my autistic daughters sibling, it has been hard for her too through the process of diagnoses and understanding but through the fun group on the Saturday she’s been getting the attention from all staff and has learnt so much being with others with or awaiting diagnoses. Its been a hrd haul but with this kind of support its a blessing. And the rest of the parents have helped so much, with hearing their stories and sharing advice it has I feel kept me pointing in the right direction. My kids are very fond of carol and Linda and have built a lovely relationship and this is lovely, it builds their confidence and they will have the support I’m sure from them if they have any questions themselves that they need answers to.

  •  Kerry Copeland *****

The information and support myself and Jack have received from Appaws has been incredible. Jack got a diagnosis at 3 years old and I was at a lose of how to move forward and help my little man until Carol and the team came into my life. The emotional support I got from them was amazing and the upto date information they share with the group is so useful and very insightful. Having a child with needs that are different from others is difficult but it’s made a lot easier with the great support of Appaws for Autism, knowing your not alone is one of the most important things when your child is going through/ has been through the diagnosis process. Truly grateful for this group.

  • Fiona Tweedie *****

Appaws have given us such a caring and understanding service. Amazing support and the fun clubs are so valuable for both parents and children/young people to spend time together. Workshops well thought out too. Great work from the team.