The Autism Diagnosis Impact

  The Autism diagnosis process is such a long & mentally draining process. You go through so many different emotions. Some days you have your positive head on and others, well, your brain is more like mush than focused. As the weeks turn into months, questions start to pop into your head. What will happen when I […]

An Open Letter To My Autistic Son. 

My beautiful boy. The connection between you and I is a connection like no other. You showed me what true love really felt like, the day you were born. You have taught me so much about life. What is really important, to be a better person, to show more compassion, to lower my walls I […]

The Lonely Side Of Autism.

Mothers of Autistic children are warriors.  We fight every single day behind the scenes with a dozen medical professionals, repeat ourselves a million times in the school office, spend hours on the phone chasing up appointments and referrals, educate family members and friends about Autism as well as researching for yourself, try to cater not […]

We All Survived Our Autism Christmas. 

You cannot deny that the holiday season is out of this world stressful for ASD parents. Over the holidays, I have read many stories of extremely upset parents that felt the day was a failure and that they felt they let everyone down because of their Autistic childs behaviours and the demand of their needs. […]

High Functioning Autism & The School Struggles.

We hear it everyday as parents with Autistic children,  “OH, your child must be so clever. Autistic people have such high IQs” You also have to contend with Autistic roles in films or tv shows. These roles really do not give the true reality of Autistics. Society seems to miss out all the inbetween facts. […]

An Autism Christmas. Full Throttle!

Remembering the days before having children. When you Imagined a family Christmas like the ones you see on the tele or like the Christmases you grew up with. Sharing a nice big roast together, the children being overjoyed with every gift, happy chaos and a relaxed atmosphere ? Yep, I remember those memories too. Well, […]

Stimming, It’s OK. 

A Little breakdown of what Stimming is and the different area’s  – Visual. Staring at lights; doing things to make the vision flicker such as repetitive blinking or shaking fingers in front of the eyes; staring at spinning objects. Auditory. Listening to the same song or noise, for instance rewinding to hear the same few […]

The World Of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) 

Sensory Processing Disorder  (SPD) Is one of the conditions my son Donté has, which really can be heart breaking on a daily basis. These struggles which SPD sufferers have to deal with daily can be absolutely traumatic for them. SPD is its own separate condition but one that many Autistics suffer with. The world is […]

Autism Is Real.

Todays thought of the day is all about people’s perception of what Autism is. The word Autistic seems to make people think of either, a naughty brat that needs better parenting, a child with a sky rocketing IQ, that Autism is not real and just an excuse for a child who is not conforming to […]

Sleep Is So Overrated Anyway……..

Sleep. A major Deprivation for both ASD Child & parent.  In our household, like so many others, We lack sleep. This really does effect us and makes our normal daily routine pretty difficult. We actually have an appointment at the sleep disorder clinic tomorrow ! Donté really suffers at night time. He gets the most […]